IFBB Open Latvian Championships 2015


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IFBB Open Latvian Championships 2015 in bodybuilding, fitness, bodyfitness, bikini fitness and Mens physique as well as the finals of project "Miss Bikini Fitness 2015" took place in Riga - the Capital city of Latvia on 3rd of May, gathering 166 athletes from Latvia, Lithiuania, Estonia, Poland, Russia and Germany. Elite class professionals as inspiration to young and perspective athletes created a synergy on stage in addition to true Latvian beauty and determination of the contestants, creating this as one of the most ambitious and must - see events for fitness profesionals and enthuziasts.


The organizer of the event and driving force of Latvian fitness is Latvian Bodybuilding, fitness and bodyfitness federation.

Referee structure of the Championship consisted of 7 judges: Vladimir Belov (Latvia), Aleksandrs Timoshenko (Russia), Grzgegorz Kepa (Poland), Natalia Kiivikas (Estonia), Tomass Vītols (Latvia), Rinaldas Česnaitis (Lithuania), Kristīne Vederņikova (Latvia).


As Latvians like to spice up everything to achieve better results in future, during the IFBB Championship one of the most inspiring fitness initiatives also took place in Studio 60 concert hall. The Finals of the “Miss Bikini Fitness 2015” project gathered  31 Latvian beauties for a story close to reality show.

How much can you improve your body if you would be given 10 weeks? The fantastic results that where achieved by 31 new athletes- ladies who took challange, given by the project idea author Kristīne Vederņikova,  set an aim - to create a better, more beautiful and powerful self. By Intensive training sessions, mastering bikini competition program and taking care of proper nutrition with guidance of sports specialists of Latvian Bodybuilding, fitness and bodyfitness federation, each of 31 competitors who went on the big stage for the first times showed the reason Latvian woman are considered one of the most beautiful in Universe. Because they never stop working to achieve the perfection



Not to mention that participation in project was a victory for each of the Ladies, but achievements of some participants where impresive, making us balieve that we will hear those names on national and international stages in near future. 

Project: Miss Bikini Fitness 2015 - 10 week training course

Category up to 163 cm

1.Dana Turecka

2.Ivanda Laizāne

3.Ilvija Belicka



Category above 163 cm


1. Santa Liepiņa

2. Diāna Dāvida

3. Laura Zviedre






IFBB Latvia Open Championship 2015/ May 3

Results/main laureates/




1.Ott Kiivikas (Estonia)

2. Raigo Kuusnõmm (Estonia)

3. Aivars Visockis (Latvia)

4. Egidijus Letkauskas  (Lithuania)






Latvian Bodybuilder Aivars Visockis ranked in third place, in this as second competition of his 33rd profesional season, verifying the ability of true old-timer to succesfuly compete in group of partricipants 20 years younger than him. The result serves as a motivation to work more intense to prepare for the main - European Championship in Santa Sussana in two weeks.

Ott Kiivikas ( previous achievements in 2014: 7th best in World/IFBB Men's World Championships up to 85 kg; 2nd in Europe/ EBFF European Amateur Bodybuilding Championships 2014) was considered as the most powerful competitor in bodybuilding category, ensuring Gold medal for himself in IFBB Latvia Open Championship 2015. 



1. Christine Korolyak (Estonia)

 2. Marina Zvančuka (Latvia)

 3. Kristīne Haritonova (Latvia)






    Bodyfitness discipline there were 7 athletes competing for the title of best.

  1. Alesja Sidorenko (Russia)
  2. Daiva Andžaite (Lithuania)
  3. Katarzyna Ludowicz (Poland).


The pearl of the event as usual was the category of Bikini fitness, gathering 56 athletes. 






Category: Bikini Fitness up to 163 cm



1. Margarita Veverica  (Latvia)

2. Kristina Aleksejeva (Estonia)

3. Olga Pechenkina (Russia)






Category: Bikini fitness up to 166 cm

  1. Aleksandra Mikucka (Latvia)
  2. Viktorija Smirnova (Russia),
  3. Anželika Ivanova (Latvia)


Category: Bikini fitness up to 169 cm


  1. Reet Reimets (Estonia)
  2. Sandra Jeršova (Latvia)
  3. Lita Fībiga (Latvia)



Bikini fitness above 169 cm 


1.Veronika Seržante (Latvia)

2.Irina Mihailova (Latvia)

3. Marina Rockina (Lithuania).

4. Austra Kausiniece(Latvia)


Mens Physique


Mens Physique : Category up to 178 cm

1. Jānis Paukštello (Latvia)

 2. Renatas Suleimanovas (Lithuania)

 3.Anton Kulikov (Estonia)

 4.Edžus Priedītis (Latvia)




Mens Physique: Category up to 178 cm


In this category the third and second place had identical results, but the winner of the first place Mārtiņš Zeltiņš in jury assesment had a great point darting over runner-up. 



1. Mārtiņš Zeltiņš (Latvia)

2. Elvis Rudbahs (Latvia)

3. Mārtiņš Iskrovs ( Latvia)



The admiration and support perfectly visable in Concert Hall showed the power that fitness and sports can bring - a real promotion of healthy and active lifestyle to next generations and quality family time.


Doughter of The obtainer of the Bronze award Mārtiņš Iskrovs shows her love to Dad. She was just the one from  many supporters - parents, grandparents and friends. ("My Daddy is the strongest")

Children's fitness - active from childhood


Kas gan varētu būt labāks laiks veselīgas sabiedrības radīšanai kā bērnība, tieši tāpēc IFBB Latvija Atklātajos čempionātos tradicionāli piedalās arī bērnu un jauniešu sportistu kategorijas.

IFBB Latvia is almost the only country that organizes Children's fitness championships together with adult competitions, providing avareness about healthy and active life and giving young athletes an oportunity to learn from the best on one stage and believe in big dreams. For the courious readers, we must mention that Children fitness does not have a connection to huge muscle building or too intensive development, but only childrens proportions, healthy bodies and beautiful performances. The best athlete is determined by the referees after 90 sek. individual program and proportion comparison. 31 athletes from 4 countries participated in Children's Fitness discipline.

1. Arina Pivnenko (Russia)

2. Nina Andrejeva (Russia) 

3. Karina Širokaja (Russia)

4. Beāte Bloganedežņina( Latvia), Beāte also achieves sympathy award from Biedrība "Spartietis".



Children's Fitness 10-11 years

1. Veronika Harčenko (Latvia)

2. Viktorija Stoina (Poland)

3. Marija Mironova (Latvia)



Children's Fitness 12-13 years

1. Leona Tsymbaljuk  (Estonia)

2. Sofija Siņegubova (Latvija) + Biedrība "Spartietis" Sympathy award

3. Nataļja Katva (Poland)

4. Viktorija Kudrjavceva (Russia)


Children's Fitness 14-15 years


Children's Fitness category - 14-15 year was a fierce battle between first and second places. Strong competitors and friends repeated the final results of in Riga Pearl 2014, as World Champion of IFBB fitness among children and women- Vanesa Nikola Belova received gold medal, leaving silver to Aleksandra Kępa, when the result was influenced by only two point difference. 


1. Vanesa Nikola Belova (Latvia) + Biedrība "Spartietis" sympathy award

2. Aleksandra Kępa (Poland)

3. Jentuki Jarodskaja (Russia)




The most inspiring members from children and junior categories were financialy supported with prizes by biedrība „Spartietis”, with aim to promote fitness and healthy lifestyle.


Fitness could also be considered as a team sport, when results are made in cooperation between athlete and coach. But this is also a story about passion. Probably happiness endorphines that are secreted during physical activity was one of the driving forces of the young athlete proposed his girlfriend after performing in Mens Physique during IFBB Open Latvian chempionship 2015, giving an unforgettable point to this event.



We proudly invite you to Latvia next year, when as traditionaly every spring Latvian Bodybuilding, fitness and bodyfitness federation  will organize IFBB Open Latvian Championships gathering national and international athletes to high level competitions. Get ready for the season, challange yourself or just trust the ones that would never miss an event like this.



Photo: Jēkabs Pravornis/ FitnesaMentors.lv 

Anna Gruzinska

Anna Gruzinska

Creative Director - FitnesaMentors.lv

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